Online trip exchange platform

Used to match and connect spare or free capacity on a truck. Filling spaces to places.

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Why Empty Jouneys

Don't you get tired of everytime you want to transport goods you have to look for a truck which has the attributes you need? Well look no futher, Empty Jouneys Provides you with:-

Do you have a load?

Empty journey will help you find an empty truck plying your route quickly. You will attract competitive and cheaper solutions from trucks making empty return legs

Do you have a truck?

Empty journeys will help you find suitable loads for your truck. Avoid making empty return legs , save on millions of wasted miles on making empty return legs , generate revenue by registering your return journey and purchase available load offers just by a click

Searching for partnership?

Find reliable transport companies across east Africa. Access to more business contacts and wide visibility.

Do you want safety?

Accurate accounting on transactions and business handled on the platform. Safe payments made online to empty journeys, a neutral party to the users( customer and transporter) Who is Who?? Trade in confidence with clients on the platform because of due diligence carried out to vet and finally admit every user on the platform

How it works

Empty Journeys is an easy to operate system. It is as simple as as 1, 2, 3, 4 steps illustrated below.

Confirmed users on the platform have different roles.

  1. Register their trucks on the platform
  2. Register the company they represent
  3. Assign driver to each and every truck registered
  4. List their trucks available for transportation
  5. Appoint broker to have rights to their trucks to enable listing by broker on his/her/its behalf
  6. Collect fee on behalf of empty journeys.
  1. Register as a customer on the platform,either as individual or company
  2. List their load for collection on the platform.
  3. Find/search for available transport in their locality
  4. Make payment to empty journeys/transporter on confirmed trip
  1. Register as an agent on the platform
  2. List for customers available load for collection and transportation
  3. List on behalf of registered transporter available trucks in certain locality
  4. Search for opportunities maybe to engage with business away from platform.
  5. Make payment to empty journeys/transporter on confirmed trips
  1. Make truck available for listing
  2. Communicate with customer on negotiating of business
  3. Activate GPS to confirm availability or to monitor mobility of load by customer
  4. Receive payment from customer on behalf of transporter

Pricing Cards

Our prices are based on a monthly subsciption.