Empty journeys is an online trip exchange platform which is used to match and connect spare or free capacity on a truck to those requiring goods to be transported within the East African Block i.e Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda,Burundi and Tanzania.

Empty journeys is an online platform for users to:-

Empty journeys has four main type of users with different roles and capacity and different business opportunities to offer/ exchange. This are:-

We are committed to offering technological solution to logistics industry within the East African Block. We pride in this innovation since it creates unbeatable benefits and value to the users e.g

We are noble and above board in our dealing with our customers and guarantee the same values on dealing conducted on our platform between our thorough verified and approved users.

Empty journey is an efficient model with regional presence in the East Africa giving users assurity of wide opportunities. We have gone extra miles to offer one complete program, web-based and android phone mobile application that meets commercial relevance to the users

Empty Journeys android app, filling spaces to places on the go! Acess the platform through your mobile phone to make trip listing or book a listing

Empty Journeys Fill Spaces To Places